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Benzodiazapines Overdose Deaths Increase

Benzo Xanax Valium Klonopin Overdose Deaths IncreaseThe benzo family of narcotics—Xanax, Valium, Klonopin ect continue a drastic increase in overdose deaths according to latest statistics. You do not have to be another number on a graph—stop your benzodiazepine addiction dead in its’ tracks with the help of Bright Futures Treatment Center. Our all-encompassing approach that caters to a male audience will assist you in your individualized recovery and detoxify you safely so you can receive much needed therapy and treatment. If you or a loved one struggle with benzo abuse, call our addiction hotline immediately at (844) 762-3700 to connect with a trained care coordinator.. Benzo Overdoses On A Drastic Rise
We can stop the upward trend of fatalities with comprehensive addiction treatment. What is causing this spike in benzodiazepine overdoses? We can only speculate, but with doctors handing out prescriptions like candy, it was always only a matter of time until many people became physic…

Men's Alcoholism Addiction Rehab Programs

The rehab programs at Bright Futures Treatment Center are aimed at men's addiction to alcoholism and general substance abuse. Our day/night addiction therapy module promotes a healthy recovery and lifelong sobriety. If you are addicted, call us to speak with a treatment specialist immediately. The Dangers of Alcoholism At our state-of-the-art men's alcoholism recovery center, we recognize the negative effects that alcohol abuse has on the body. We have complied just a few dangers that are possible with chronic alcohol consumption—the longer the sickness endures—the more difficult it is to recover and transform into solid sobriety. Some of these damaging consequences include but are not limited to: Anemia - Causes shortness of breath and a low red blood cell count.Cancer - Chronic alcohol users are at an increased risk of cancer—alcohol is converted into a carcinogen in the body.Cardiovascular/Stroke - Blood clots are more common in alcoholic men and wreck havoc on the cardiova…

Need Help For Roxicet Addiction?

If you or anyone you know need help for Roxicet addiction, Bright Futures Mens Addiction Treatment Center is here for you. Our experts have the knowledge to assist you. Dial (844) 762-3700 to speak with a specialist about your substance abuse and receive an assessment at no cost to you. Our unique approach and evidence-based philosophy will guide you to a brighter future today.

Why Is Roxicet So Powerful? Roxicet is made out of the opioid oxycodone, which is synthesized by chemical modification of opioid precursor molecules which are obtained from the opium poppy. Despite being manufactured in a lab, oxycodone impacts the user in ways similar to illicit narcotics such as street heroin. Roxicet is capable of delivering a powerful high—making it a potential drug of abuse for an alarming number of individuals and Bright Futures Treatment Center has seen a rise in Roxicet addicted individuals. We have created personalized treatment plans to alleviate this concern. Assistance For Addiction…

Addicted to Prescription Pain Pills? What to do.

What to do when addicted to prescription pain pills?Here at Bright Futures Men's Addiction Treatment, we know what do when when you are addicted to prescription pain pills. Our personalized opioid treatment plans have you covered. With years of experience, we will help you recover fully successfully. Dial(844) 762-3700 for an assessment from a professional and we will prioritize your placement in a luxurious facility. Overcome Your Prescription Addiction TODAY Have you ever stolen prescription medication from your parents or family members medicine cabinet? Instead of taking illegal substances commonly sold in back alleys, many teens today tell of having prescription parties—candy bowls filled with Percocet, Roxicet, Dilaudid, and Oxycontin. The problem is most teens have no idea what medications they are taking and which medications may cause serious complications and side effects including death. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we are licensed by the Department of Children …

Lil Wayne Codeine Promethazine Lean Cough Syrup Addiction

Artists such as Lil Wayne are famous for their Codeine with Promethazine aka “Lean” prescription cough syrup addiction; the truth is that it’s dangerous and deadly. Many people have overdosed from a codeine syrup addiction because it slows the addicts’ breathing at an alarming rate. If you or anyone you know is addicted to prescription cough syrup or pain pills, please call (844) SOBER00 for an assessment of the addiction at absolutely no cost.

CODEINE ADDICTION & ABUSE An addiction to codeine, whether it’s in syrup form, or prescription pills, usually starts with an increasing tolerance to the drug. This means that a person could start out getting a reduction of pain or coughing at 15 milligrams but then make his or her way to higher dosages of 30 milligrams when the drug stops helping. This is the usual phenomenon with all opioid painkillers, increasing the dosage for more effects until you begin to abuse the medication. Many famous people such as Lil Wayne are addicted to codein…